Meet the MAIN MAN at River Bed Ranch.  This is Peruvian Mile High Empire.  He is a Poseidon son, a Caligula grandson, a Fandango grandson and a Peruvian Bueno great grandson. Need we say more!  He has produced crias of ALL colors during his busy breeding career.  And he is not done.  We have not done any breedings for a few years for a number of reasons.  But 2013 is his time to "get lucky" again.  He will cover some of our younger beautiful females for their first time.  And he is looking for other "dates" beyond our farm.  

If you are interested, contact us at utahalpaca@aol.com.




Hoquat has come of age and patiently awaits his turn to add to the quality of our herd.  He has incredible fiber genetics via both parents.  Dad is our own Empire, shown above.  And his mom is our Dreamcatcher.  He is dense as can be with very consistent, complete coverage.  Keep an eye on him next year to see what he can produce.  We will offer him for outside breedings once we see some of his offspring. 

If you are interested, contact us at utahalpaca@aol.com




Manitour serves as our best black herdsire.  He has produced a rainbow of colors in his breeding career.  Local Utah ranches will recognize him as the son of Don Juan Onate, who made his mark on this area a few years back.  He carries the presence of his dad with a much improved fiber. 

If you would like more information on Manitour, contact us at utahalpaca@aol.com


Windston cropped copy.jpg


Accoyo Windmaster, affectionately called WINDSTON, serves as our primary suri herdsire.  He is totally unrelated to any of our females and he contains no Magyver or Bruxo heritage which has made him quite valuable to serve the suri females in our area and on our farm.  He produces lots of fiber annually with nice lock structure and a glisten to its color.  He is offered as the service sire for all of our suri girls listed for sale.

If you would like more information on Windston, contact us at utahalpaca@aol.com